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Look what we have been busy doing this term!

Summer Term

This term we have been learning all about mini-beasts and growth. We have looked at factual books in the reading corner and enjoyed listened to stories such as The Bad Tempered Ladybird and Why Worms? We have made glittery snail trails, been comparing size making play doh wiggly worms and explored habitats in the mini-beast sensory area.


Outside we have been on mini-beast hunts and discovered lots of little creatures living in our garden such as snails, slugs, woodlice and ladybirds. We have also been looking at growth and developing our descriptive language when chatting about the flowers and trees. Next we will be developing our ability to sequence through the story of Jasper's Beanstalk.


In maths we are enjoying the number puppies stories and through this learning our numerals and shapes. We are having lots of practice counting the creatures in our mini-beast world and are beginning to develop our language relating to addition and subtraction by comparing groups of mini-beasts.


In our daily Letter and Sounds sessions we are promoting early reading skills through rhyming and alliteration activities. We have really loved exploring our alphabet tubs and are beginning to hear initial sounds in words.


To develop writing skills the children are taking part in play doh gym sessions and are learning to write their name by signing into nursery. In the writing area we are promoting mark making by providing children with lots of opportunities such as using whiteboards, tracing activities, making notes on clipboards and post its. Outside we have brushes, paints, chalks, weaving, spray bottles and shaving foam to enhance their experience of mark making.