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Here you will find the weekly sounds and tricky words that the children will be covering in class to support reading and spelling skills.

Autumn 1

Week 1: 10.9.18

  1. (cat) c as s before e, i, y (race) g (gate) g as j (giant)

Tricky words: door poor floor


Week 2: 117.9.18

-dge and –ge as j

Tricky words: because children


Week 3: 24.9.18

  1. (hat) a as o (want) o (orange) o as u (mother)

Tricky words: find kind mind behind


Week 4: 1.10.18

Consolidation of weeks 1, 2 and 3.

Tricky words: wild climb


Week 5: 8.10.18

y (yes) y as igh (cry) y as ee (happy)

Tricky words: most only both


Week 6:15.10.18

  1. (port) al as or (walk,talk) all as or (ball, call)

Tricky words: gold cold told hold


Autumn 2


Week 1: 29.10.18

  1. (feet) ey as ee (monkey) zh spelt as s (television, treasure, usual)

Tricky words: everybody great even