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Here you will find the weekly sounds and tricky words that the children will be covering in class to support reading and spelling skills this half term.

Spring Term 2

Week 1: 26.2.18

'l' sound spelt 'le' at the end of words e.g. table, little, apple, bottle, middle

Tricky words Mr Mrs parents


Week 2: 5.3.18

'l' sound spelt 'el' at the end of words e.g. camel, tunnel, squirrel, travel, towel

Tricky words: thought, through


Week 3: 12.3.18

'l' sound spelt 'al' or 'il' at the end of words e.g. metal, pedal, capital, hospital,animal, pencil, fossil, nostril

Tricky words: school, everyone


Week 4: 19.3.18

homophones or near homophones

their, there, they're, hear, here, sea, see, bare, bear




Spring Term 1

Week 1: 4.1.18
revision of previous half term
Week 2: 9.1.18
adding suffixes ment, less, ness e.g. amazement, sadness, hopeless
Tricky words: revision

Week 3: 16.1.18
adding suffixes er, est and y to words ending in single consonant e.g sad, sadder, saddest
Tricky words: who whole
Week 4: 23.1.18
adding es to nouns and verbs ending in y e.g. babies, puppies, flies, tries
Tricky words: sure sugar
Week 5: 30.1.18
teach contractions e.g. can't, didn't, hasn't, couldn't
Tricky words: eye clothes
Week 6:  6.2.18

contractions- it's
Tricky words:  water people


Week 7:  13.2.18

Possessive apostrophe of singular nouns e.g the girl's, the boy's the dog's