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Spring 2

Here you will find the weekly sounds and words that the children will be covering in class to support reading and spelling skills this half term.

Week 1: 27.02.17

Reading words: said, so, went, from

Spelling words: he, she, we, me, be


Week 2: 06.03.17

Reading words: have, like, some, come, it's, just

Spelling words: was, you


Week 3: 13.03.17

Reading words: were, there, little, one, help, will, with, this, that


Week 4: 20.3.17

Spelling words: I, the, no, go, into, to


Week 5: 27.3.17

Reading words: do, when, out, what, children

Spelling words: my, her


Week 6 : 3.4.17

Reading two syllable words: lunchbox, sandpit