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Come and meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1
Picture 3 Mrs F Kelly DEPUTY
Picture 4 Mr Hudson ASST HEAD UPPER KS2 6H
Picture 5 Mrs S Scriven ASST HEAD LOWER KS2 3S
Picture 6 Miss H Thompson ASST HEAD KS1 2T
Picture 7 Mrs Dawson ASST HEAD EYFS
Picture 8 Ms D Clarke ASST HEAD EYFS
Picture 9 Miss Raftery 6R
Picture 10 Mrs Burbridge, 5B
Picture 11 Mr Scanlon, 5S
Picture 12 Mrs Shone, 4S
Picture 13 Miss Harding 3H
Picture 14 Mrs Hughes 2HB
Picture 15 Mrs Cahill, 1C
Picture 16 Mrs Williams 1W
Picture 17 Mrs Machin RECEPTION
Picture 18 Mrs Pruden Nursery
Picture 19 Mrs Crockett 4CS / MUSIC