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Year 4

We would like to welcome all the children and families to Year 4 and we want to take this opportunity to tell you more about the team.  If you are in 4S your new teacher is Mrs Shone with support given to the learning by Miss Billsborough. If you are in 4CS your new teachers are Mrs Crockett and Mrs Sherwen with the support given by Mr Welsh. 


Some trips to look forward to are:-

  • We are planning to visit Chester Zoo, where the children will be completing activities that look at animal habitats and classification.
  • As part of our Art and DT topics we will be looking at varying aspects of Aboriginal Art.
  • During our Geography project we will be visiting two local villages of West Derby and Hale Village to compare locations.


This coming term during year 4's DT project we are planning to grow in the school garden a selection of vegetables. 

Picture 1 Year Four Curriculum Map Autumn 2016
Picture 2 Year Four Curriculum Map Spring 2017
Picture 3 Year Four Curriculum Map Summer 2017


Aboriginal art

Aboriginal art 1 We are making brown.
Aboriginal art 2 Its not as easy as you think.
Aboriginal art 3 There are three different ways to make brown.
Aboriginal art 4 Sometimes you don't get the right colour.
Aboriginal art 5 There are warm and cool browns.
Aboriginal art 6 Papier mache is great fun.
Aboriginal art 7 It's sticking to our hands.
Aboriginal art 8 We are working really hard.
Aboriginal art 9 Class focus is excellent.