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Autumn 1 Week 6

During this week the children have been working very hard.


In Literacy they have been very creative using noun phrases to write about the setting from our text 'The Tin Forest'.  They have produced some wonderful work and we look forward to sharing this work on display in our Year 2 area.


Throughout the week the children have been working hard in Numeracy using their number facts for 20 to derive new facts using our tens numbers. Try challenging them to tell you a related fact they know, e.g If 5+3=8, what other facts can you tell me?  We are sure they will enjoy reciting lots of facts back to you!


In Science the children have been continuing their work on materials.  Following on from their work on properties of materials this week we have begun an investigation to answer the question: What would be the best material to make a jacket to keep us dry? They have all made predictions about the materials chosen and have talked about which they think will be the most suitable to the least suitable.  The children are very excited to carry out this investigation as the next part of their learning. 


Well done to all those who have logged onto TT Rockstars, we have spent some time in class playing on the website and talking about how to solve the calculations.  To support the children with this we are sending home all the facts for the ten times table with the associated division facts and we hope this will support the children when playing the game.