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Autumn 2 Week 3

Year 2 have had another busy week.


We have been investigating exercise and how it makes our bodies feel. On Thursday we completed a set of timed exercises (star jumps, sit ups, hopping and walking with a bean bag on our head) and counted how many we were able to complete in 1 minute. Our results varied between 11 and 101!!! and we were very tired and out of breath when we finished.


We have continued to look at landmarks in the United Kingdom. This week we focussed on London. Next week we will be looking at famous landmarks in Wales and Northern Ireland.


Finally, Year 2 have been thinking about our school value for this term; Aspire. We talked about what we aspire to be when we are older and what kind of person we should all aspire to be. We talked about the qualities of being a good friend, being kind, sharing and helping others. Next week we will talk about who can help us to achieve our aspirations.