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Be able to contribute to their school and society

Making a Positive Contribution

What do pupils need to learn?


Pupils need to learn:

  • to form positive relationships and not to bully or discriminate
  • about the different roles that people play in a community
  • how they can contribute to their own school and the wider community
  • how to work effectively with others.


  • We promote this outcome in the following ways:

    • Appropriate policies
    • Circle Time
    • PSHCE programme
    • School Council
    • ECO team
    • Charity work
    • Promoting Citizenship
    • Promoting multi cultural education
    • Links with Kenya school
    • Planned programme of fundraising
    • Inter school Sports competitions
    • various pupil roles of responsibility
    • School performances-Plays, choir and music
    • Problem -solving activities ( Going for Gold etc)