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What is the S.E.E.D. project?

Partner countries: Catalonia, France, Italy, Turkey and the U.K.
This project has been designed to develop the basic maths, mother tongue language, science and
ICT skills of pupils through enhancing the use of the outdoors in the development of an enterprise

Opportunities will be created for pupils to apply their skills to real life situation and begin to
understand the components of enterprise. All pupils will be involved in the process, including those
with additional needs, those at risk of exclusion and pupils of different ethnicity.

The project vehicle is the development of each partner school's outdoor space. Once the outdoor
space has been developed, the children will use the produce from this to engage in an enterprise
project. Year 1 of the project will focus on enhancing basic skills (language, maths, science and
ICT) whilst developing the outside space. Year 2 of the project will focus on enhancing basic skills
whilst setting up sustainable enterprise. This collaboration will ensure that children, their families
and the local community have a sound knowledge and understanding of European partners and
that they are part of a wider community, motivating them to continue to learn about other
environments, cultures and countries.