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We have a variety of different building resources in the construction area allowing the children to make independent choices and to help develop planning and designing skills.  The children can creatively see their ideas come together as they use the different materials to build their construction models, working independently or with their peers.
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Links to EYFS


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

- Can select and use activities and resources with help.

- Welcomes and values praise for what they have done.

- Keep play going by responding to what others are saying or doing.

- Demonstrates friendly behaviour, initiating conversations and forming good relationships with peers and familiar adults.


Communication and Language

- Understands the use of objects.

- Beginning to understand 'why' and 'how' questions.

- Beginning to use more complex sentences to link thoughts.

- Use intonation, rhythm and phrasing to make the meaning clear to others.



- Sometimes gives meanings to marks as they draw and paint.

- Ascribe meanings to marks that they see in different places.



- Use some number names and number language accurately in play.

- Sometimes match numeral and quantity correctly.

- Shows an interest in shape and space by playing with shapes or making arrangements with objects.

- Use positional language.

- Show interest in shape by sustained construction activity or by talking about shapes or arrangements.

- Use shapes appropriately for tasks.


Understanding of the World

- Shows skill in making toys work by pressing parts or lifting flaps to achieve effects, such as sound, movements or new images.


Expressive Arts and Design

- Understands that they can use lines to enclose a space, and then begin to use these shapes to represent objects.

- Use various construction materials.

- Beginning to construct, stacking blocks vertically and horizontally, making enclosures and creating spaces.

- Join construction pieces to build and balance.

- Realise tools can be used for a purpose.


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