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Enjoying and Achieving

Enjoying and Achieving

What do pupils need to learn?


Pupils need to learn:

  • how to work imaginatively and creatively to develop new ideas, insights and ways of doing things
  • how to assess their skills, achievements and potential in order to set personal goals and achieve their best
  • the joy to be gained from successful learning.


We promote this outcome in the following ways:

  • A stimulating, challenging and appropriate curriculum.
  • Assessment for Learning / Accelerated learning
  • Brain gym
  • Excellence & Enjoyment
  • Challenging targets
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Educational Trips
  • School Sports Partnerships
  • Sports Linx
  • Promoting attendance
  • A skills based curriculum
  • Teaching and use of ICT
  • Outdoor play provision
  • MFL- French -Nursery to Year 6
  • Music -clarinet, flute
  • Visiting theatre groups/ workshops etc