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Simon Says

Simon Says 1
Simon Says 2
Simon Says 3
Simon Says 4
Simon Says 5

Simon Says was one of our first ice breakers.  The year 6 children decided to enhance the activity by making the game long distance.  We stood at each end of the yard and took turns to give instructions in a loud voice.  We needed to use good listening skills to follow the instructions given.  

Hop, Hop, Run

Hop, Hop, Run 1
Hop, Hop, Run 2
Hop, Hop, Run 3
Hop, Hop, Run 4
Hop, Hop, Run 5
During our planning meeting the year 6 children wanted to carry out an activity to build individual confidence by working in a group.  We adapted a classic game of duck duck goose to make it more physical.  We had to hop our way around the circle and run when we chose someone to chase.  The instructions were clear and easily followed and was an activity both the year 1 and year  6 children enjoyed, creating a fun way to get to know each other.