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Healthier Choices

Every day we must make decisions that affect the health and welfare of our children.  If they are to make the most of their time at school, and with us there will be simply no better choice than a school meal.

Choosing a school meal each day can save you both time and money. It also ensures that your child benefits from an energy-boosting break that helps them start their afternoon nourished, refreshed and ready to learn.

Fair Deal

We’re immensely proud of our food service, whose quality far exceed recommended standards. we believe the children at Corinthian deserve delicious healthy food at a fair price of £2.00. We ask that you pay promptly.  Those children in Reception, Year One and Year Two are entitled to free school meals.


We’re fully aware of the importance of adhering to special dietary needs, and are happy to tailor meals to meet any pupil’s requirements. At Corinthian we want everyone to be able to enjoy healthy meals and we’ll adapt accordingly. For more information on our school meals, please contact our Catering Supervisor Shirley Whittaker.

Flexible Service

Hot dinners available when you want them:

All week or part of the week, all term or part of the term- YOU DECIDE!!!




A selection of homemade cakes and puddings, fresh fruit, yogurt or cheese and biscuits are available daily.