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Thank you for all returned balloon tags - we could not do this without your help!
Thank you letters will follow all returns to show our appreciation.

Full names and full address not provided for confidentiality. However, final winner will be announced with permission. Final result will be decided on returns received by 12 noon on Friday 17th July, 2015.

Position         Location                    Distance                 Class/pupil
 1st                Selby                        90.5 miles              3H    Megan (sister of Thomas)                               CONGRATULATIONS: FINAL WINNER

 2nd              Assett                        76.2 miles              2HB   Alfie
 3rd               Wakefield                  71.2 miles              4S    Ellie
 4th               Dewsbury                  63.2 miles              1C  Emma
 5th               Lepton                       62.7 miles             RC    Libby
 6th               Holmfirth                   58.4 miles                       Finn
 7th               Slaithwaite                57.5 miles               1W   Brooke
 8th               Huddersfield              57.5 miles               3S    Joel
 9th               Huddersfield              56.4 miles               2T    Bethany
 10th               Oldham                     46.4 miles               2T    Grace
11th              Bacup lancs               42.0 miles              2T   Ruby
12th              Oldham                     42.5 miles               5A    Rebecca
13th               Oldham                    41.9 miles               2BH   Poppy
14th              Oldham                     39   miles                Nur   Adam
15th               Middleton                 37.7 miles                2BH  Tai
16th              Crumpsall                 35 miles                   4A    Lucas
17th              Manchester               32.5 miles                4A   Sonnie
18th              Salford                      28 miles                    6W   Steven
19th              Worsley                     27.4 miles                4A    Lois
20th              Wigan                       22.7 miles                 5B   Ruby
21st               Wigan                      22.5 miles                 Rec    Daniel