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The purpose of the day is for every child, teacher and parent to wear blue to raise awareness of the importance of Road Safety. If you wish, you may want to donate £1 to Bobby’s trust to help us achieve road safety for all schools. Children are free to wear non-uniform or just blue items with their uniform. Below is an open letter from Bobby's mum Joanne Colleran

‘We have worked really hard with our school & the local council since Bobby’s accident and have managed to achieve big changes around our school with the parking of cars & the speed of cars going up & down Leyfield Road. We continue to work with the council and our goal is to have a Bobby 20 MPH zone outside every school in Liverpool.


Many schools that have been in contact with us have the same problems & the starting point has always been the parents parking when taking & picking the children up from school. This would seem very easy to fix, but actually isn’t, no one seems to change until an accident happens by their child’s school, everyone is too busy going about their own day to day activities. We need to change this & educate the parents before this happens.


If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact me, and thank you again for supporting Bobby trust.

Many Thanks

Joanne Colleran



The Colleran family's campaigning has already led to a raft of improvements in the area around Blackmoor Park Infant School and across the city. Joanne and David are hoping that every school in Liverpool will eventually have a 'Bobby Zone', which will include a designated 20mph area, the installation of vehicle-activated speed signs and a safe crossing for children.

A book has also been released called 'Super Bob' that will teach children about the importance of keeping safe when near to roads. The author of the book will visit our school on 6th April to share in an assembly.