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Welcome to the Nursery Page

Our aims:

  • To make sure that each child's experience is positive, life-long and memorable.
  • To treat each child as an individual.
  • To make the learning journey a truly shared experience between child, school and home.


Our Staff:
Full time Teacher - Miss Clarke
Three full time early years practitioners - Miss Draper, Miss Evans and Mrs Leatham


  • Clearly label all uniform and clothing items with your child's name.
  • Please bring in a spare set of clothes to leave in school in a pump bag.
  • Please bring in a pair of wellington boots to leave in school as the weather can be unpredictable.


We have a weekly newsletter which will be published on the school app every Friday. This will include any reminders, what we have been doing this week and how you can help at home.


If you are having trouble accessing the Nursery Pages on the school app or need a link sending to your phone please see the school office on the main site for assistance.