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Playdough Area

Play dough Area

We change our play dough weekly, we enhance this by adding different flavourings, scents, textures such as cinnamon, cocoa powder, glitter, soap to provide the children with a variety of descriptive words and sensory stimulus.  We have some permanent equipment such as an oven, cake tins, cake cases, rolling pins and cutting tools to manipulate the dough.  

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Personal, Social and Emotional Development

- Can select activities and resources with help.

- Confident to talk to other children when playing, and will communicate freely about home and community.

- Shows confidence in asking adults for help 

- Begins to accept the needs of others and can take turns and share resources, sometimes with support from others.

- Can play in a group, extending play ideas, e.g building up a role-play activity with other children.

- initiates play, offering cues to peers to join them.

- Keeps play going by responding to what others are saying or doing.

- Demonstrates friendly behaviour, initiating conversations and forming good relationships with peers and familiar adults.


Communication and Language

- Listens to others one-to-one or in small groups when conversation interests the.

- Focusing attention - still listen or do, but can shift own attention.

- Is able to follow directions (if not intently focused on own choice of activity)

- Understands use of objects (e.g. 'what do we use to cut things')

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