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Read Write Inc Nursery Approach


To prepare children to learn phonics in Nursery we follow the Read Write Inc approach.  Up until the Summer Term we will focus on reading stores and rhymes to the children and developing their love of books.  We will also teach the children to name the picture relating to each letter. This is particularly important as if they do not know the name of the picture it can't help them learn the sound.  This will prepare the children for the Summer Term when we begin to learn the letter sounds.


What you can do at home


When you love a book, your children will want to hear it again and again!  Children thrive on repetition, and so by reading the same much loved stories over and over, you are hardwiring their brains for success!  The more you read, the more the story 'belongs' to the child.  when they know the story well, they will want to 'read' it over and over again, joining in with the actions and expressions you have used.


Below are some examples of different stories and rhymes, if you have favourites of your own, you do not have to choose from the list below, remember the key is repetition.  

Picture 1 Referenced Read Write Inc Nursery Handbook

Ten top tips for reading stories to your child

Ten top tips for reading stories to your child 1 Referenced Read Write Inc Nursery Handbook

The Good Child Report from York University 2016 sent the same message for the third year running - there is nothing new, surprising or difficult in helping children to be happy. The report shows that the happiest children come from families who:

  • read for fun on most days
  • share meal times and talk together
  • cut down on TV viewing
  • do things together- visit local places: farms, parks, museums
  • teach their children new skills and knowledge - cooking, drawing, music, sport
  • listen to each other


(Referenced from Read Write Inc. Nursery Handbook)