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Write Dance



Handwriting is the visible reflection of expressions on a writing surface.  Write dance is used with all children regardless of their motor skills, and from a very early age, this allows the children to play and experiment with different movements.  Write dance aims to promote physical awareness, a sound rhythm and smooth and effortless handwriting.  


In Write Dance it is all about finding good rhythm and your own style by means of:

  • Spontaneity and control
  • coordination between both sides of your brain
  • scrimbling, write dancing and writing
  • working in a big space, the smaller space around you, and on a surface
  • use of all senses
  • alternation between suppleness and firmness
  • carrying out all movements with both hands: upward, downward, to the left and to the right
  • accompanied by music, singing and humming


(Referenced: Write Dance, Ragnhild A Oussoren 2010)