Year 5

Home learning (Spring/Summer 2020)

End of year expectations.


To support your child’s continued learning, please use the following websites and resources to access appropriate activities.

This academic year, these curriculum topics will be taught in Spring and Summer terms:










Local History – Liverpool Docks



Below is a list of useful websites to support your child’s learning:


(Age 9 – 10 focus)


Parents can sign up for free e-books appropriate to children’s reading ability and age.


Curriculum advice and support for parents and carers can be found here:


Take time to enjoy each other’s company and relax:


Welcome to the Year 5 Page

Class 5D 
Mr Driffill

Class 5S
Mrs Sherwen

Here we will be sharing examples of your children’s work, curriculum content and any

important information you may need.

We look forward to updating this page with photographs of the fun we are having and keep you informed of our progress as often as we can.


Honesty is telling the truth even when it’s hard. 

Honesty is returning things you have borrowed.

Honesty has helped solve my problems.

Honesty has helped me develop in school.

Honesty is not hurting people.

Honesty helps me reach my full potential.

Honesty gets me into less trouble.

Honesty is being truthful and kind.

Being truthful is being honest.


Year 5 are giving up something for lent.

Mrs Sherwen, Faye, Olga & Evie – Chocolate spread

Michael – Mars bars

Harry, Lucas & Cian – Burgers

Josie – Popcorn

Lilly – Lollipops

Macy, Denny, Ava-Mae, Harry & Haseeb – Crisps

Renee, Haadi & Cody – Chocolate

Leila – Jelly sweets

Charlie – Candy floss

Max – Ice-cream

James – Ice lollies

Jamie – MacDonalds

Miss Nicklinson – Chocolate bars


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